I had the opportunity to really take in the many ways our little corner celebrates our nation’s birthday this week and I have to tell you – we do it up pretty well.

First, on Sunday more than 5,000 attended the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra’s concert at Festival Park. Fireworks added a nice touch to the Orchestra’s take on Stars & Stripes Forever at the end. This was the city’s “official” celebration, produced by Fayetteville-Cumberland Parks & Rec and co-sponsored by PWC. Nice …

On Wednesday, the 4th, I had the honor of helping resurrect the reviewing stand at the Hope Mills Parade with my friend Miss Sarah from Q98. They haven’t had a reviewing stand or emcee since before the Dam Lake catastrophe more than 15 years ago. It’s been a hugely successful parade all these years – makes you wonder how much difference a parade emcee makes. Still, I had fun …   

(Pics courtesy of my buddy Frank Maness)

Cruised out to Fort Bragg – having a one-year gate pass helps a lot … A LOT, I recommend it – for the big annual celebration on the Main Post Parade Field.

This didn’t really have anything to do with July 4th – I just always like to acknowledge other Dolphins sufferers ..  er, fans.

Then I headed to Hope Mills to catch the last bit of Rivermist’s show. Those guys are awesome and you’ll get to see them again at Fayetteville After 5 on July 13th. This is a view of the Hope mills fireworks from the All American Expressway before Raeford Road. I watched them all the way in.


Who said Rock is dead?

Who said Rock is dead?

For the first time in several months, not 1 but 2 rock acts are featured in the TOP 5 of the Billboard 200.

Alive and well it is!  But you already knew that. 

Ozzy : Thumbs up!

Ozzy : Thumbs up!

2 thumbs up for Ozzy Osborne! His infection has cleared and he is looking forward to NYE!