Largest Indoor Haunt in NC!

Win tickets weekday afternoons!

2019 – Aberdeen Fear Factory… Celebrating 9 Years of Fear


Open rain or shine!


Sept 27 – Nov 2

Thursday, Friday, & Saturday

Ticket sales are from 7:30pm – Midnight


WRCQ – Official Rules -Aberdeen Fear Factory Ticket Give – 2019


Hauntings at Heritage Square

Hauntings at Heritage Square

It has long been said that the Sanford House, has some residents with unfinished business. 
We’d like to take you on a tour, to find out for ourselves.

Don’t Tread On Me

Don’t Tread On Me

A woman in British Columbia recently had a little stalker situation… But it’s not what you think.  She was out walking her dog and there was a freaking mountain lion following her!  She tried yelling at it, which, if you’ve ever met a cat, you know NEVER works. ( See video) So naturally, she tried…