The Greek – Thinking Out Loud: I don’t need to see so much of your…

OK …

I’m gonna need your undivided attention here because this is a … uhh … sensitive subject. I know that we’re all a little bored and weary from the pandemic and our lesser instincts start to take over and we do things that we know we shoudn’t do – but I need people to stop sending/posting/otherwise distributing those disturbing images …  just stop.

I know yours is nicer than anyone else’s. It’s prettier, bigger, thicker, thinner than anyone you know. Maybe yours is missing those weird knots or leans that plague so many of them. Still, no one needs to see it just because you’re proud of yours.

It’s time we started to be more considerate of those among us who aren’t so lucky – to have one as perfect as yours. When you are forced to constantly look at others, you can start to doubt the beauty or imperfect perfection of yours and that’s sad. Because they’re all beautiful and awesome in their own special way.  

I don’t care if yours performs in a way that makes everyone else wish they could get their hands on it. It’s not a nice thing to do – sticking it in every phone or device you are so-called friends with. We don’t need to see it!  

And really, you should question yourself – Do you really want everyone to know what yours looks like? At some point, this becomes a safety issue, right?

So the next time you’re about to let it fly, stop. Think about something else – baseball, your mom’s cooking, anything to distract you. And then don’t hit post or share or send.  Keep it to yourself – or, you know, you and those close to you … those who might like yours almost as much as you do.

Even if everyone would agree that yours is rockstar awesome, be considerate and only show it to people like your family, your Mom. Maybe Dad. 

I don’t need to see any more pictures of your kids.    

Just sayin …


Can we revisit this?

Can we revisit this?

He also retired with the highest career fielding percentage for a right fielder, over 99%. There’s no disputing his credentials.