Congratulations! You won something awesome from one of your favorite stations!! You might be wondering, ” Now What?!”

You will get that confirmation email to congratulate you, and you’ll receive a secondary email with legal paperwork you’ll need to sign off on. It’s a digital signature, super easy! If your prize is in house, you’ll be picking it up from our offices- 1009 Drayton Rd.

When you pull into the parking lot, you’ll see a window to the left of the doors- that’s where our amazing fun & games department lives and they will get you hooked up! Make sure you’ve signed the paperwork in your email!! ( Your email will also have all the pickup times and directions! )

Pickup times are currently as follows: Mon – Thursday 9am – 4pm

Friday Please arrange time with Promotions staff.

If you need to arrange other pick up times please contact

Dominique Womack – Promotions Director [email protected]


Can we revisit this?

Can we revisit this?

He also retired with the highest career fielding percentage for a right fielder, over 99%. There’s no disputing his credentials.